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Extensive Vacuum Cleaner Research

We put vacuum cleaners to the test on important factors that you should consider before making a purchase!

Vacuum Cleaner Repairs & Troubleshootings

Do you need help repairing or maintaining your vacuum cleaner? If so, we have the manuals for you.

Head To Head Compariosns of Vacuum Cleaners

We compare popular vacuum cleaners head-to-head to help you make the best purchase decision.

Vacuum Cleaners For Carpet

Outside of battery runtime, you should look for the some more things while choosing the right cordless vacuum cleaner for carpets.

Vacuum Cleaners With PowerFul Suction

This article dives into vacuums with great suction and tell you why you should choose….

Vacuum For Hardwood Floor

VacuumStyle’ Recommendations

Must read vacuum cleaner guides!!!!

Dyson Maintenance Guides

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Roomba Maintenance Guides

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Robbert – Man Behind VacuumStyle

About VacuumStyle

Robbert is the mastermind behind

Robbert graduated from the University of Applied Science in Leiden with a degree in Commercial Economics in 2019.

A few years before he finished his education, in January 2020, Robbert created a website about vacuum cleaners with his brother. The two didn’t do it for profit–they simply wanted to research the best models out there and share their findings.

Want Troubleshooting You Vacuum?

Need help with vacuum cleaner repairs and maintenance, our expert guides are here to help.
Our team is capable of handling all kinds of vacuum cleaner repairs like motor, belt and filter problems.
We can also provide regular preventive maintenance to keep your machine running smoothly for years to come.